Symptoms of Hand/Finger Fractures

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Hand/Finger Fractures

Anatomy of Hand/Finger Fractures | Causes and Symptoms | Diagnosis | Treatment and Rehabilitation

If you think a broken (fractured) finger is a minor injury, think again. Without proper treatment a fractured finger can cause major problems. The bones in a normal hand line up precisely. They let you perform many specialized functions, such as grasping a pen or manipulating small objects in your palm. When you fracture a finger bone, it can cause your whole hand to be out of alignment. Without treatment, your broken finger might stay stiff and painful.

Dr. Jonathan Lee has a special interest and expertise in dealing with fractures of the hand and wrist. Together with his colleagues, Dr. Lee has contributed to the understanding and innovations in the treatment of these difficult fractures.

See some of Dr. Lee’s publications on the subject:

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